R2 Control Services Inc.


Services Available


· Conveyor systems

· Material handling

· HMI upgrades

o Wonderware

o AB PanelView

· Increase machine efficiency

o Gangs/Edgers

o Stackers

o MDF Press lines

o Refining

· Instrumentation

o Valves

o Transmitters

o Load cells

o Pressure/temperature sensors

· Variable drive upgrade/install

o AB drives


· Softstart install/upgrade

PLC Upgrades

· A+B PLC upgrade and conversions

Skill + Experience

· 40 years in the industrial environment

o Sawmills

o Process controls

o Mining

o Gas fields

· Maintaining High Voltage sub systems and switch gear. Up to 300kvDesign 

· Design install and maintain Device Net controls 

· Design install and maintain Control Net controls

· Computer systems 

o Networking

o VMWare computer and system builds

o ThinClient

· PLC programming A+B PLC 2, 5 and Control Logix, Modicon, GE Fanuc

· Experience with scanning equipment 

· Organizing jobs and personal 

· Experienced electrical troubleshooter 

· Design and layout of PLC equipment 

· Design and programming/commissioning PLC systems 

· Program, install and maintain HMI systems

o Wonderware

o PanelViews

o FactoryTalk View

· Installation and startup of Variable Speed Drives - AB, ABB, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa

· Installing Motor Soft Starts and trouble shooting 

· Hydraulic systems commissioning 

· Hydraulic systems repair 

· Controls and mechanical system commissioning of sawmill equipment. 

· Understanding process and sawmill environments as well as dealing with personal 

· Working with and installing instrumentation equipment. 

· Experience in trouble shooting in gas field, drilling rigs, small pumping stations 

· Experience in mines and mining operations – open pit. 

· Working with Maximo software for organizing jobs and machine locations 

· Working with and Understanding Delta – V

· Installing/configuring instrumentation devices.

o Flow meters

o Valves

o Moisture/humidity sensors

o Actuators

o Scales – load cells

o Pressure/temperature sensors